An Exhibition of Hudson River Paintings

June 13-July 25, 2009
The Field Library Gallery
Peekskill, NY

about the paintings

There are few phenomena in the visual world that really are worthy of continued study and contemplation. The human form, the breathtaking wonders of the natural world and most important the play of light across the above subjects have been the age long focus of visual art.

Susan Roecker has made the light on the Hudson River at the bend near Peekskill the center of her painting for the last ten years. Her approach is far from naturalistic, it reaches into the realm of expressionism. In one painting the sunset is turned into a dark dark ember amidst a burning fire of reds and golds. The painting transforms the subject matter and it becomes an icon for all those fires we and past generations have stared into.

Another painting is almost completely white, the familiar bend in the river is seen in a hazy mist that turns everything a pasty white. Several large raptors glide through the picture creating a frontal plane. The paleness of the picture and the lilting randomness of the subject matter create a zen like moment and reveal the poetic nature of Roecker's work. Susan Roecker is a true expressionist, transforming moments of nature into visual icons.

          - Robert Sievert